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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Minnesota based High Energy Classic, Southern, Modern Rock Band.
Based out of Minnesota, Obstruction Of Justice is a high energy Classic, Southern, Alternative Rock band that knows how to get the crowd going. Thumping bass, driving drums, steady rhythms, kick ass leads, and great vocals.  They are highly regarded in the clubs they perform in, and are always invited back.

They understand the music crowds like to hear, and always fill the dance floor.  Obstruction Of Justice is creating a buzz in clubs throughout Minnesota and North Dakota, and now look to stretch even further.  A class act all the way around. If you want Rock at its best, this band will do more than fulfill your expectations.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer single 'Drag Me Down (2012 Mix) by Wretched Hive Introducing new lead vocalist, Corey Jezierski aka MC1980. WH will be releasing various singles while in process of recording new album to be released in Late Fall 2012.

Click to Purchase the song 'Drag Me Down'

Wretched Hive is currently working on a killer Electro-Metal Version of the song 'You People'. To be released early August 2012.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jeff Carlson, a quick intro

Jeff Carlson has been involved with music the majority of his life, since the age of 14. Growing up in the Mid-West, he cut his teeth by playing clubs everywhere from Springfield, Missouri to Billings, Montana. Jeff finally decided to move to Las Vegas, and form an original act, called-Liquid Skye, eventually opening for Slash's Snakepit, Joan Jett, and U.F.O. featuring Jason Bonham on drums, all at Mandalay Bay's House Of Blues. After many years in Vegas, Liquid Skye broke up, and Jeff relocated to Tucson,Arizona and formed The Jeff Carlson Band.
The new band has been gigging around Tuscon, headlining and opening for national acts. Jeff is currently writing new songs and will have a new album in the near future.
Be sure to check out their music here: The Jeff Carlson Band website